Woodland Tribes comes to Evenley Wood Garden

Woodland Tribe’s build-play philosophy is all about letting children take control of their own play space.

It is hard to describe the sight and sound of 50+ children, equipped with hammers and saws clambering over and furiously adding to a huge structure that they themselves have built.

The resulting aesthetic is rickety, shonky and full of dynamism, and clearly built by children to please no-one else but themselves.

They actively encourage children to make their own risk assessments, and decisions about how the structures should develop, and passionately believe that not wrapping children in cotton wool leads to huge personal benefit.

We have allocated a space within the wild play area for your children to do just that. Build, play create in whatever direction they choose.

Book in to a session collect your tools and build.

Sessions suitable for over 4s. Each ticket is for one young person and accompanying adult.

Maximum of 3 children with an accompanying adult.

Please wear sensible clothing and footwear, the sessions will continue in adverse weather.

Why not make a whole weekend of your visit and sign up for our Go Wild in the Wood camping event.

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