Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt and William Mankelow from Shot @ Angle at Evenley Wood Garden

It’s a pleasure for us to introduce Stuart Mabbutt and William Mankelow who are coming to Evenley Wood Garden with a special program for our Autumn Colour Days. For two upcoming weekends (17th-18th & 24th-25th October), they have prepared workshops with the main focus on connection to Mother Nature and senses which we use to discover, explore and understand the environment around us. An interesting afternoon will be full of trust-building exercises, photographing, drawing, birdwatching or silent walking. These and other similar activities were proofed by scientists as one of the best to enhance our mental health. Discover your inner world by a better understanding of natural responses to the environment around you.

For more information, please call 07788207428 or send an email to

See you soon!

Another sensory walk pic

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