Rare Plant Fair 2018

25th March 2018 11am till 4pm

The popular Rare Plant Fair is back at Evenley Wood Garden in 2018!

Discover and purchase a wonderful selection of rare and unusual plants…

Nurseries Attending

About Rare Plant Fairs
Once we get hooked on gardens and gardening, we all become fascinated with new and unusual plants. Whether we specialise in collecting a particular group of plants such as roses, snowdrops, irises, etc., or are just interested in anything that is rare or novel, we’re constantly on the lookout for that special plant. However, finding the plants that we need or want (not always the same thing!) is not always easy. The best sources are the many specialist growers and nurseries around the country, but many are based in remote locations, or may not be open regularly (or at all) to the public at their home sites. So how can these nurseries and the avid gardeners desperate to buy their plant be brought together? The solution lies in Rare Plant Fairs, held throughout the growing season from March to September.

Now in their 23rd season, the fairs are held in beautiful and prestigious gardens, making a day out at one of our fairs a really enjoyable experience for everyone, whether a novice or experienced gardener. Relax and enjoy refreshments, often homemade, at all of our venues.

At every one of our fairs there is the opportunity to buy interesting and unusual plants from our nurseries, all of whom are genuine growers dedicated to offering you well-grown plants and advice on the plants they sell. The admission fee for each of our Fairs is a combined package and includes access to the Fair and Gardens, and the price is generally the same as the normal admission fee for the garden only.

More information about Rare Plant Fairs is available on their website.

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